We usually don't realize how important cotton socks are to us. This happens until we run out of clean steam, or one sock is mysteriously lost. However, cotton socks are an indispensable element of our underwear. They are worn every day and it is very important that they are made of natural materials such as cotton, which is why Sock Shock socks are made of the highest quality cotton. Socks, because they are meant to prevent our feet from sweating so much, and that the shoes do not rub the feet. Made of synthetic materials, they cause an unpleasant smell, and everyone should remember to choose them wisely. Cotton socks are divided into women's socks and men's socks, however, each pair is available in all sizes. We wear other socks for sneakers, and others for sports footwear, or for example longer mountain knee socks. They should always wear socks if we want walking in shoes with pleasant. At this time, we can wear socks with everything, even sandals or flip flops, so it's good to remember about a good sense of color or quality.